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How to increase your speed during Bank Exams

Published on Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Almost 90% of the failures in bank and other recruitment exams complains that they could score more if they had 15 more minutes. That's a silly excuse. Today I am going to teach you how to save your time and crack a recruitment exam. 

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1) Use shortcut tricks

Use shortcut tricks to solve every question. For example for Time and Work chapter I use efficiency method. In this method we calculate efficiency instead of solving fractions. By using this method we can solve every time and work question without using paper that too within few seconds. I also made a video to explain this concept here.

I have shared many useful tricks in my quantitative aptitude tricks series

I made dozens of videos in my Bank prep DVD course.

2) Skip difficult questions questions

In IBPS, SSC or any other recruitment exam you need to score just 30-35% in the exam to crack cutoff. Many students stuck in few questions and waste their time whereas they skip marks rich questions.  

Actually the difference between success and failure in recruitment exams is the choice of questions you make. You need to attempt 120-130 questions out of 200. You should skip 30-40% of questions. Choose the questions you are comfortable with and that can be solved within a minute.

3) Increase your calculation speed

Try to increase our calculation speed. I have already shared my tricks in Maths Tricks post, I won't repeat it here.

4) Practice more and more

Practise makes a man perfect. More practice will lead to higher speed as well accuracy. One of the most common reason behind failure is lack of practice in real examination environment. I have made a real examination like platform. Go and take few free tests on

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