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How to reach the status of "Best Performer" in an Organisation

Published on Friday, March 21, 2014
As the topic itself describes the motto of this article, I am going to share the pre-requisites, skills, approach, etc., required in the best possible way to be an outstanding performer within the organisation to make the relationship strong between you and the management.

What you should have in yourselves

  • Appearance and poise 
  • Knowledge of Products 
  • Team spirit
  • Personal Development
  • Administrative capabilities
  • Respect of Co's rules & regulations
  • Respect of Superiors
Always keep in mind that your approach to work that is assigned to you matters the most before you could dream/think about being the race of reaching a level, where you can be treated as “The Best” among all.

Your attitude towards the task will define the result of a project that has been given to you. Always try to be the first person to say “Yes, I will try/I will manage/etc.” for any new task that is being distributed among the team. Initiation always tends to gain respect from a senior.

Be attentive

Be attentive to any instruction that is being relayed to you by the superiors by whatsoever means of communication (Verbal/Non-Verbal). Always, try to understand what information is being shared with you. If you have any doubts on the procedure, then you should ask for clarifications immediately, no matter how stupidest question you ask the answer for. You will always get a proper explanation for any questions that you raise.

Once you have all the information on the process you are working on, now comes the time when your approach matters the most.

Be patient

Be patient and don't panic or rush while starting to work on a new project/process. The more you concentrate, the better results you get on completion.

If you have been asked a question about the service you are offering, then you will need to understand the motive behind the question first. Then think about the possibilities that can overcome the question and resolve it with ease. Always, give a first time resolution to maintain a high level of service, so that the person raising the issue does not come back again with the same question.

Understand a product

Understand a product is the first half objective of your project and delivering service on the product knowledge that you have, is the second half.

If you give the best for the above, half of your job is done.

Now, let’s work on some other aspects of working in the organisation which are very useful in any business environment that you are working.

Always support your colleagues

Always support your colleagues in any type of work related issues. (Now, you will think that, how will this help me if I am assisting my colleague/competitor in his own task.) Keep in mind that the more you share your knowledge with your colleagues, the more stronger you get. This does not go un-noticed between you and the management.

Be humble

If someone asks you for help, never say that you are busy with your own work and you can't spare the time for them. This will have a negative impact on your team-work. The more you become helpful, less the chances for you to be ignored by your colleagues.

Support your Colleagues. Your support will gain positive feedback from your colleagues, which is one of the important step and this ensures that you will get maximum points from your superiors for people management.

Be responsible

Take responsibility and agree the fact that you have done something wrong.

Compete with Yourself!

Always compete with yourselves, instead of targeting your team-mates. By doing this, you will progress everyday.

Your productivity/quality should not be hampered if you are helping your colleagues in their tasks. If you meet the assigned task in the given time even after this, then there will be no hurdles in achieving your goal.

Hard-Work or “Smart-Work”...?

First, let us know what is Hard-Work: This is a process in which a given task completed in a traditional way, as designed by your organisation, by pushing yourself physically and mentally. This will gain the required results but this term means differently for every individual.

Some people will refer this as the ability to finish a task with focus and intensity. For some, this may be an activity that they do not want to do and for some, an activity that they find difficult and strenuous.

Smart-Work ?: This is an ability of working by your own knowledge and using innovative ideas to get a solution in a non-traditional way which your organisation has not set the guidelines for. This is kind of out of the box thinking.

Once you know the designed guidelines, you can play along with new ideas on how to perform the given task, consuming less time and using minimal intensity. This will in turn, generate high productivity without compromising the quality of the job assigned.

If you are able to satisfy the above instructions, you will build a personality of your own. Your productivity and your relation with your colleagues will speak for you. Thus, achieving the so called goal of “The Best......”

This article was written by +Nilesh Mane . A volunteer at

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