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How to Prepare General Awareness for SSC CGL

Published on Friday, March 21, 2014
For SSC CGL tier-1, G.A is the most important section to score high because you can score more in relatively less time if you know the correct answer .But this section is too vast to be covered without a proper strategy .Moreover a different trend is seen in this exam since last two years. Some questions were highly specialized. Facts based questions were asked from difficult topics and concept based questions from relatively easier topics. So it becomes necessary to know WHAT TO STUDY and HOW TO STUDY.

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You cannot have equal command on each and every topic. So identify your strength areas. You need not answer each and every question in exam. If you score more than 25 in this section,it’s pretty good.

2. Preparation strategy

Concentrate on your strong areas rather than wasting areas on your weak areas as there is no sectional cutoff.


There is no other book comparable to them. You need to go for all topics covered in this section separately. These will help you in understanding concepts as well as learning facts effortlessly.


Try to gain some in-depth knowledge of the subject rather then cramming long lists. Learning too much fact will not help you because there are chances that you are likely to forget it before exams.


1 .The subject you had in your 10+2 or graduation. Read the N.C.E.R.T. of 11th and 12th. For other subjects, go for N.C.E.R.T of 9th and 10th.


3. SCIENCE: Both concept based and fact based questions are asked from this topic. If you had science in your 10+2, you must read N.C.E.R.T of 11th and 12th.

For non- science students, I would recommend N.C.E.R.T of 9th and 10th so that you can answer concept based questions from relatively easier topic like practical applications of Newton’s laws of motion, theories, concept of gravity and gravitational force, nuclear reactions, energy etc. Current trend says that there will be more than 10 questions from general science. Some questions will be highly specialized. Last year there was a question that lateral line sense organs are present in which organisms? Options were written in zoological names.

4. INDIAN CONSTITUTION: This is the most scoring topic in this whole section. You must do it thoroughly. You can go for N.C.E.R.T of elementary classes or 10th . This topic has some tricky areas for which you should be strong in your concepts and have enough practice. Just go for some tricky areas like powers of the PRESIDENT, GOVERNOR, JURISDICTION OF SUPREME COURTS, EMERGENCY etc. 5-6 questions are generally asked from this topic.

5. HISTORY: This is the most hated topic especially by engineering students who are appearing for SSC-CGL. For them I would suggest just go for the sub topic INDIA’S STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM and leave others. For the beginners, I would recommend watch Ajay Devgan starrer THE LEGEND OF BHAGAT SINGH. I t seems funny but believe me this movie will help you to understand correct chronology of major events along with their dates and possible explanations. Listen to the conservation carefully because most of the important information is provided in conversations not in scenes. After that, you can go for 9th ,10th N.C.E.R.T, preferably the old ones. No separate book is required.

6. GEOGRAPHY: N.C.E.R.T OF 9th and 10th class are sufficient PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, CLIMATOLOGY are the most important ones.

7. ECONOMICS:  It covers both micro and macro economics in addition to government policies and five year plans. If you are from commerce stream read both subtopics from 10+2 level N.C.E.R.T. If you are not commerce stream just read macro economics. Generally 5 questions are asked from this topic.

8. OTHERS: Data of census-2011, environmental issues, and current affairs. Read magazine for current affairs, no need to read them thoroughly. 4-5 questions are generally asked from current affairs.

So prepare well, stick to N.C.E.R.T, prepare well for the subject you had in you 10+2 and you will be able to score well in this section.


This article is written by Deepali Chaudhary and it's a part of March article writing contest.

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