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IBPS Specialist Officer Interview Experience - Aravind Srivatsav

Published on Thursday, March 20, 2014
Name - Aravind Srivatsav
I am from Nellore, Andhra pradesh and my interview was held at Andhra bank head office, Hyderabad. I was there at the centre by 8 am and waited for others to join me. I was tired of the journey made and yet very enthusiastic about the interview. We were made to sit in a seminar hall for certificate verification. The process started by 8:30 am sharp. 4 officers were there for that. They asked us to arrange ourselves by our interview panel, i.e., panel I to the right of hall and Panel II to the left. The process was quickly done. I am of general category and students of other categories are asked to sign a declaration form for IBPS regarding their caste certificates. Though there was a little panic in the aspirants, it was smooth and they returned cheerfully. After verification, we were led to the interview hall. We were asked to sit by our interview numbers in an adjacent hall. My number was 13. I had to wait for sometime.

Mistake 1:

Not withstanding my tiredness, I fell asleep. Yeah, silly me. Suddenly I woke up and found the candidate next to me returning from the panel. I was in a hurry and after I was called, I entered the room, asking "May I come in." The panel had 7 members. They asked me to come in and take my seat. I sat in the seat thanking them.

Mistake 2:

I was in a hurry I forgot to greet them. The lady member in the panel seemed a bit hurt by my behavior. I corrected it by smiling at all, Panel member 4 asked me the question,

M4: Mr Aravind, Have you got placed in any of campus recruitment drives?
me : yes sir, I got place in a company called Cadsys India Ltd in Himayath nagar (in Hyderabad)

M3: Why haven't you joined that?
me: (I am a 2013 passed-out) At the time of joining, I had to undergo a surgery, Cholecystectomy and I was very weak after that to join. I had started preparing for IBPS.

M4: Why don't you go for software industry?

Mistake 3:

me: I lost interest in software sector after coming to know about their schedules.

M3: You would be having the same here.
me: Sir, I meant the time schedules. I have seen my friends work for 9:00 to 9:00 or 11:00 to 11:00 jobs waiting for abroad calls. I could not do that.

(This meant I am here because I am unable to other jobs.)

M4: yes we don't have that type of schedules. What is core banking?
me: Sir, core banking is like accessing our account from any branch of the bank.

M3: You are saying like a customer, tell us as a technical graduate.
me: Sir, all the accounts are stored and connected to a server and through this any account can be operated through any connected system anytime, anywhere.

M4: What is data warehousing?
me: data warehouse is a collection of a large volume of data,(before I could complete this)

M3: So is a database. What is the difference between them?
me: sir, data warehouse is a collection of databases. An organisation having a lot of databases pertaining to customer records or technology organises all the data into a single data warehouse.

M4: What is data mining?
me: the process of extracting data from a data warehouse is called data mining sir. It is involving, (before I could complete this)

M4: What are the different protocols used for core banking?
me: Sorry sir, I don't know.

M3: Do you have any knowledge on Computer networks?
me: Sir, computer networks is one of my subjects in my B.Tech, I have a little knowledge about it.

M4: What are the different topologies used in computer networks?
me: Sir, there are many like bus topology, ring topology, star topology, mesh..

M4: which do you think is most suitable for banks?

Mistake 4:

me: I think mesh and (thinking of star topology,I said) ring topology sir.

M3: Ring topology?
me: (Instead of accepting my mistake I said,) If the branches of a back have same priority, they could be connected by a ring sir. (He smiled a little and said OK)

M4: Is the customer transactions record a database or not?
me: Sir, record like that would be long and lengthy as a customer can have different type of transactions like through credit cards mobile banking, Internet....

M4: I am asking is it a database or a data warehouse?
me: yes sir, it is a data warehouse.

M4: How do you take data from such a thing?
me: Sir, we employ data mining and use processes like OLAP and OLTP...

M3: what is OLAP?
me: (I was in a blur due to speedy questioning and could not recollect immediately.) Sorry sir, I cannot recollect it.

M4: What is MLIP?
me: I don't know sir.

(All this time I was looking at only M4 and M3 and never looked at others. That is another serious mistake )

M4 to lady member: Do you want ask any questions? she said no.

M4: Ok. All the best.

I said thank you and came out of the room.

I made quite a number of mistakes. Please avoid them. I need not specify how to, but due to nervousness, we make many mistakes we never intend to. Overcome the nervousness and we would return with a smile and confidence.

Thank you for reading this long post. I am not sure if I could qualify the interview. Better luck to all of you.
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