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English - You can’t succeed in Bank Exams without it !

Published on Thursday, March 20, 2014
It’s a bold statement to make that without English you can’t succeed in bank exams and I know this will make all Hindi medium students including my Hindi teachers furious..!! But let’s face the fact that English is the most important aspect of professional world, campus placements,competitive exams etc...It can make or break your career.

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Understanding Hinglish is simple but making proper use of English is different. Facebook ..twitter...whatsapp etc.. Have helped every individual to interact or understand the pirated version of this language (Hinglish) but learning correct and grammatically sound English is not piece of cake. if your basics are not accurate you might find more than one option in mcq’s fitting the right answer and the actual answer turns out to be the one we never thought of..!!! Be in exams like CAT..GRE..even bank exams has considerable weightage to English but as this area is the weak point of lot of students you can race ahead in competition if your English section is strong.

So keeping in view all the competitive exams which areas of English learning we should focus on??? Well first comes the basic building block that is the words. You may feel that you are expert in English but moment you see those synonyms and antonyms in any competitive exams you realize your true place..!!!.Out of 5 hardly 1 or 2 we can guess out. It’s important to know difficult words... there meaning short strong vocabulary (it doesn’t includes words like lol..!!!)..Proper usage is very important. Then comes the grammar part.lot of questions like fill in the blanks and spotting error etc test your grammar skills.last but not the least how comfortable and fast you are in understanding any piece of write up. Because although the passages that we get are easy and scoring but the time you take to answer them is the key here.

So now comes the million dollar question. how to improve our English skills..????Well obviously we don’t have time to do phd in English as there are other sections to focus on. but following practices can really help.

1. Books (stereotype option..!!!..Books like wren and martin etc are available.if you have time and patience..!!!). Get list of recommended books here.

2. English Newspapers (it improves your current affairs,gk..and vocabulary (get list here)..but only if you read with a pen and notepad and of course the dictionary )

3. English movies and series (this is the fun option..!! but very effective cause the more you listen any language better your understanding becomes about it. When monkeys and parrots can learn by listening any language so can we..!!!)

4. Talk talk and talk (more you talk in English better your fluency will be,also you’l start identifying your mistakes. Make it your mother tongue from today.!!!)

5. Start using thesaurus (if you don’t know what thesaurus is GOOGLE IT NOW..!!!)

I am sure there are other ways to improve your English skills but the most important thing that will help you score good in this section is the inquisitive attitude to learn and hunger to master this language. so next time you come across something you don’t understand in English..don’t wait..take out your smart phone and get that answer...Happy learning..!!!
This post is written by RAJ KUMAR MENON and it is a part of March Article writing contest. Participate here.
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