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Why Computer Awareness section is Important!

Published on Monday, March 24, 2014
Telephone rang and caller started his conversation with the words, “Hello dear!!! How are you? Can I ask you one question? What is the full form of SIM, which is used in our mobile?” The one who lifted the phone doing his Bachelors in Computer Science, and didn’t know the answer, but he searched GOOGLE in a flash and told the answer “Subscriber Identity Module!!!” The person who called, was very happy on listening that answer in a flash, and told “Thank You Dear!!! You’re brilliant!!!! Have a nice time.”

         The above conversation occurred few years back in my home and I was the one who lifted the phone at that time!!!!! I think it was not my greatness, but the one who invented the Google search engine is brilliant, that reward belongs to him. Present generation is growing faster than anything. Somebody who is living in villages will do better than those living in cities, because they are using technology and their brains in order to get knowledge. People living in cities however aware of many things, sometimes they’ll be equal to static bodies.
In outside competitive world, we have to continuously build our skills and have to change gears as fast as possible with the current happenings in our beautiful world. Doing bachelors doesn’t mean that he is talented, actually talent comes from our hard work as well as smart work in any field. No one is born with talent, he will be a talented person when he utilises the resources around him.

Youth now a days doesn’t come out without smart phone in their hands and Internet is the mandatory thing. Internet will give us much information than any other thing in this modern life. Examinations preparation, doubts, video lectures, power point presentations, all these things are getting on the air. If we use Internet for social networking sites hours together by chatting, video calling a girl friend etc will be of no use, proper usage will give us proper results. Not only in student view but also in employee view.

Coming to our computer awareness section, we have to know every fundamental thing hiding inside the computer machine in order to get respectable score in our examination. So, concentrate on every abbreviation from basic to medium and medium to higher level. For example, everybody knows the full form of “RAM” as Random Access Memory, speaking about examination aspirants. But, there are little amount of people I think know the abbreviation of “VIRUS.” So, we have to concentrate on basic level first, and step forward to higher levels. Not only abbreviations, but we have to concentrate on the ocean “INTERNET.” Papers are getting tough in future, they’ll ask in depth about computers as the work has became computerised everywhere and should aware of every possible thing which will be useful in future.

VIRUS full form “Vital Information Resource Under Seize.”

My personal experience with the computer awareness section in many examinations contains hard memories. In my first examination, answered on seeing without any hesitation, but didn’t get 20+ out of 40, although I attempted all question with confidence. I behaved conscious next time and got only 25 out of 40, frustrated and learned from it. In the next exam, concentrated and improved my performance by getting 30 out of 40. Still I am not fully satisfied, have to get 40 out of 40 because I am very much interested in computer applications as well as in Internet.

I’m presently preparing for State Bank of India Specialist Officers (Systems). I’ll definitely reach my goal of getting full marks in my section. It needs attention and focus in order to qualify in written exam, lots of practice will be helpful to succeed in any examination. Concentration plays a vital role and the maturity comes after writing many examinations.

Not only in written examination or interview, but have to be fully loaded in order to face the questions coming from the outside world. Modern world is fully computerised and everywhere we are using computers. From shop keeper to software engineer and from railway ticket booking to online shopping.

E-Commerce everywhere.


This article is written by Sameer Kadumula and it's a part of March article writing contest.
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