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SBI PO Essay - Delinking Politics from Sports in India

Published on Tuesday, April 22, 2014
As every coin has two faces, each and everything has some good effects as well as some bad effects on other things. In the same way Politics has good and bad effects when it is linked with sports.

My answer to the topic is “No” It can’t be delinked from Indian sports because sports also have an administration committee and their members are elected by polling system and the committee is also governed by a person who is elected by its members. When there is such election and polling system where politics can’t be delinked from anything.

If we are going to choose the captain of our team then he is also going to be elected by the team and the administrative committee also.
From the “team selection committee” to “management committee” and “Security” everybody is selected by a proper and standard selection procedure.

And it’s good for the administration that every section has somebody there to manage each and everything related to the sports activities.

This is the good face of the politics and sports relation but there is a bad face as well.

Some corrupt politicians use their power in a wrong manner and do big scams like “Kalmadi did in Asian games” who was from the game organizing committee. Such type of politician just wants to earn illegal money anyhow. They just try to deteriorate the system. Match fixing is also a bad example of politics and sports relation.

But politics can’t be delinked from sports as we need a good administration and a good team management also. Only one thing we should keep in mind that the honest committee members and an honest committee head should be elected and they should do their duty honestly, So that the “bond of Sports and Politics relation” should remain bound with the thread of honesty. The higher authority which regulates this system should take care of this thing and may the country feel proud of this type of administration.

By Rakesh (Rajasthan)

My comments

  • Lack of flow ideas
  • Length is short
  • No proper formatting 
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