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Just another bad day of my Life!!

Published on Wednesday, May 07, 2014
Today I am not going to write anything about exam preparations. It's actually a bad day for me. Today many bad things happened to me. Got an email stating that a person from Andhra Pradesh committed suicide after getting rejected in IBPS PO interview. It's just a job!! How could he do this. He was an MBA, shame on our system and politicians who are unable to provide employment to a 26 years old post graduate guy.

It is estimated that all political parties spent Rs 30,000 cr in this Loksabha elections. This money could bring employment to lacs of educated unemployed citizens. But who cares !!

In past I openly spoke against reservation system. I am not against reservation, Yes I want poor people to grow, but do you think caste is a robust criteria to determine financial condition of a person ?

Answer is No.

No leader in ruling as well opposition parties talk about this issue because this will directly impact their vote bank. Every political party is busy in making stupid ads. We are paying for cable connection and entertainment taxes just to watch ads of political leaders. There was news that these political parties are using public money. That means I am paying to watch this scrap!!

IBPS suicide in andhra

Today my fiancee broke up with me. Sounds so simple. She found another guy from same caste. I have a question for all the girls reading this - How you find a perfect guy so quickly ?

She left me because of my religion. Is religion so important ? 

Religion is meant to give right path to all. But reality is every religion has a separate path and I am unable to understand it's importance. Open weekend matrimonial column or a matrimonial website, first thing they tell you is their religion and caste.

We all are living in a society where caste is more important than merit and emotions.

Can we do something ? Answer is no, because nobody is interested. This is part of our society and will always be.

Note - I shared my personal opinion, it may hurt many but everybody in this country has right to speak. You can speak out in comments section without using abusive words. 
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