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Reservation - Can You Justify the Ground Realities ?

Published on Friday, May 09, 2014
This article is written by John Walpole, his opinions and views may or may not reflect my opinions. 

Hello to all , I read the article about Raman having the worst day of his life. What I could not understand was what he was exactly upset about ? His gf leaving him or that guy from Andhra committing suicide.

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May be , it also underlined how important caste factor is in our society. A girl leaves a guy like Ramandeep due to caste or religion and at the same time a youth commits suicide because he could not get selected because jobs were given to candidates with lower scores because of reserved seats.
reservation in India

Caste based reservation have been there for a long time. But why these reservations? We can all see, if caste factor can affect Raman, then it surely affects those in the lower strata of society. But then again the question arises… How many generations will pass before they voluntarily say they don’t need reservation. I don’t think they are ever going to say that.

I know a person who got a job in PWD, B&R on the basis of reservation as an Engineer. His father is a college Principal and his grandfather retired as Deputy Inspector General of Police. While most of us went to school on our bicycles, this guy came on his lancer car with 2 bodyguards. He studied in top notch institutes all his life and even got coaching from Chandigarh for pre engineering course. Now his son/daughter will also get reservation. Is’nt it a flawed system?

There is another contrasting case. The Jhaaduwala(NOT THE AAM AADMI TYPE BUT ACTUAL SAFAI KARAMCHAARI) of our street is a contractual employee earning somewhere around rs. 5000/month. His daughter got selected in PCS judicial as a magistrate. According to me she deserves reservation as she was economically weak. When I asked about his son he replied that he could only afford fee for his one child and his son also cleared law entrance test but the college and hostel charges were unbearable for him so his son is doing MA via correspondence. Should the government not take steps to ensure that such deserving candidates are able to study and progress while those with a posh lifestyle are stopped from availing the benefits of reservation.

In yet another case, My maid who is Thakur by caste. She has 6 children, none of them goes to school. Mr. Subroto Roy from Sahara duped Rs 13000 from her. She never got any reservation. Don't you think her kids deserves reservation ?

It has to start somewhere. First of all the system of reservation in promotion should be stopped. After all a promotion should be based on only one criteria i.e. PERFORMANCE. This should apply to even general category candidates who cite seniority as a yardstick of promotion.

The government should also start application of “creamy layer ” principle in case of SCs and STs as is applicable in the case of OBCs. The upper income limit for OBCs to avail benefit for reservation is 6 lakhs. As per our Government a person earning 5.99 lacs a year deserves reservation but if a person is earning more than Rs 33 a day is not poor!

          Government must rethink about these limits. We must understand that people have started considering reservation as their birth right. This mentality MUST go. Just before the general election, Congress govt. extended the reservation benefit to jaats and Punjab govt. followed it by including jatts in OBC list. Is it reasonable that a community owning 90% of our land in Punjab is considered backward. Most of the SC’s will happily exchange their jobs for land holdings. This was the worst decision possible. We should be phasing out reservation and not extending its cover.

As far as the guy who committed suicide is concerned, what can we say but pray for the peace of hi soul. But was it the right thing to do? Does it mean that anyone failing in exams should do the same? My cousin who is an engineer from Thapar institute Patiala got the job at age of 34. So one should never feel hopeless . We should always strive for a job and work hard for it but making it the only point of our existence is not good. Not even 2% of our population is employed with Govt state/central, PSU. So surely the rest 98% have something to live for and hope for. Our job is to work hard, the rest is in the hands of Almighty ..

I invite all the readers to share their views in comments section.
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