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SBI PO Exam Experience - 15-06-2014 - Evening Shift

Published on Monday, June 16, 2014
I am Keerthiga from Tamil Nadu,i attended SBI PO exam on 15th June,afternoon slot,just sharing my exam experience.

Exam center

Actually the place where I live have not been listed as the center for exam,so I chose Coimbatore as the center for examination.

I was allocated an engineering college which is located in the remote areas,where it was quiet difficult to find the location,but still for me it was a quite long route,it took almost three hours to reach the center from my place.
The center has no other problems,unless the location of the college at that place.The center has good facilities,people were there to help the students.


I find the exam was with quite difficulty,let me go with sections here,

General awareness

It was quite easy for me(included questions like most illiterate city in India, FIBA mean) ,
but marketing needed some knowledge,the basic knowledge of marketing is not enough,then computer awareness was easy as expected, A basic knowledge about technology is quite enough for computer awareness. I gone through Raman sir's ebooks, it really helped me.

English section

It was bit easy,unexpectedly RCs were easy(one about technology development in rural India and other about Indian economy's growth after recession). The second RC was quite informative in general as it stated some trade policies and economic growth even after recession,some statistical data etc.


DI was the difficult one as expected one pie chart,two table,one bar graph,one line graph,one paragraph about a survey on patients with liver dysfunction,kidney dysfunction and common issues,whether they are able to meet the expenditure or they needed help from trusts,etc and the subsequent percentage calculation,ratios etc. all needed lengthy calculation and ate my time more.I found DI the most difficult compared to other sections


Reasoning was with moderate difficulty,with input outputs,statement arguments,inferences,sitting arrangement,etc.i found this was ok unlike the most difficult ones that i have attended earlier in IBPS.

Descriptive Test

This was quite easy as expected,included choices in letter writing,paragraph writing,essay writing,a letter to inspector of police to ensure security to ATM placed in your locality,paragraph about benefits of getting up early in the morning, RC about banks,its functions and types.Precis about investment bankers and their profession,And last essay about how technology have enslaved man.

I attended 40+ in GA/MA/CA, 20 in DI, 28 in Reasoning and 35 in English,

Overall my exam experience was quite good and if i had saved some more time ,
I would have used it in DI and attended more questions.

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