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Sets theory Data Interpretation Questions

Published on Tuesday, June 17, 2014
As many readers are asking me to publish important questions fro SBI PO data interpretation. So today I am posting important question sets for SBI PO exam. I will try to upload more question sets within 2-3 days

Sets theory

Question - There are 200 students in management department of PAU, Ludhiana.
100 play cricket, 50 play football and 60 Play badminton. 30 plays both cricket and football. 30 plays both Badminton and football. 35 plays both cricket and badminton.

Find :-
1) Maximum number of students who play all the games ?
2) Minimum number of students who play all three games ?
3) Maximum number of students who play at least one game ?
4) Minimum number of students playing at least one game ?

Tip to solve -
You can solve the question by making a venn diagram by taking number of students playing all three games as x.

Solution to this problem - Find detailed solution here 

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Soon I will publish an ebook on Data Interpretation.
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