Daily Vocabulary Dose - 21 October

Published on Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Vocabulary dose for today :-
1. Audacious – extremely bold/ courageous/ daring/ fearless/brave
antonym = timid/fearful/intimidated
ex.: Rakhi Sawant’s audacious behaviour shocks everyone.

2. Abashed – embarrassed/humiliated/ashamed
antonym = unashamed/shameless/
ex.: He was left completely abashed by his election loss.

3. Acumen – intelligence/ knowledge/cunningness/
ex.: Steve Jobs acumen was the reason behind Apple’s success.

4. Affable – cordial/ friendly
antonym = unfriendly
ex.: Kapil Sharma seems to be a very affable guy!

5. Ambiguous – double/unstructured/ uncertain/ can have more than one meaning or Interpretation
antonym = structured/clear/clarity
ex.: Logical reasoning questions are sometimes very confusing because of their  ambiguous nature.

6. Anonymous – unknown name or identity
Antonym = identified
ex.: The Police got an anonymous tip to catch the culprit.

7. Antidote – remedy/ cure
ex.: The scientists still haven’t found any antidote to the Ebola virus.

8. Arbitrate – to settle dispute
ex.: Nagma arbitrated between her parent’s separation disputes.

9. Aspire – to desire earnestly
ex.: SRK always aspired to become Bollywood’s King!

10. Assail – to attack violently
ex.: The Police inhumanly lathi charged and assailed the peacefully protesting students.

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