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Simplification questions - How to solve within 1 minutes

Published on Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Today I got an email from one of my reader

Sir how to find the correct solution in less than a minute, as the topper (***** banking institute) find the solution in 1 min. Please tell me any short trick. Thanks

Question: 87.5 x 32.4 x 4.1=? x 1.6 x 43.75
1) 42.5
2) 41.75
3) 18.4
4) 16.4
5) None of these


He is doing by elimination

90*30*4 = 10800 (takes around 10 sec)
45*1.5 = 68 ( approx)

By taking approximation to solve quickly :-
= 1100/7 = 157

Answer is none of these

This may sound illogical to few readers but that's how we save time during exams. You will find at least 3-4 such questions, may or may not be from implications but from many other chapters such as Data Interpretation, which requires you to make quick calculations. It's almost impossible to solve every question with precision of two decision.

I have shared lots of tips in my Quantitative Aptitude book here 

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