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Computer Input/Output, Hardware and Software Quiz

Published on Monday, November 03, 2014
Computer Input, Output, Hardware and Software are probably the most basic…most widely and frequently read chapters – why? Because they come in the beginning of any computer information book, that’s why!

I myself have always managed to read these three chapters over and over again, even though I’ve never read a book till its very end…sometimes even left it half way through!

But the importance of these chapters cannot be undermined; you are sure to get a question or two from these chapters
in every exam that has questions on computer. These days even SSC sneaks in questions on computer!

I hope you all are doing your revisions and practices or even studies rigorously; IBPS PO maybe over, but SBI Associates (which I consider as the backdoor entrance into SBI!) and IBPS Clerical are still there.

Which brings us back to computers and you should be prepared to get those 5-6 marks in your kitty for sure.

So, instead of boring you with theory – lets learn/revise/test ourselves and see where we stand via a quiz!

20 questions coming up…

1. Which is a part of CPU?
(a) Key board    (b) Printer    (c) Tape    (d) ALU

2. Processor is also known as?
(a) ALU    (b) CU    (c) Computer    (d) CPU

3.Processed data is known as?
(a) Data    (b) Output    (c) Input    (d) None of these

4. Which part of computer does addition, subtraction, multiplication etc…?
(a) ALU    (b) Memory    (c) CU    (d) CPU

5. Manipulation of Data is known as…?
(a) utilizing    (b) updating    (c) processing    (d)upgrading

6. Dotmatrix is a type of…?
(a) Scanner    (b) Plotter    (c) Monitor    (d) Printer

7. To make the number pad act as a directional arrow, we press…?
(a) Caps Lock    (b) Num Lock    (c) Arrow Lock    (d) Shift + Ctrl + Num Lock

8. Shit, Ctrl, Alt are called … keys?
(a) modifier    (b) function    (c) combination    (d) adjustment

9. Which of these keys is not on the number pad?
(a) Ctrl    (b) Enter    (c) Num Lock    (d) Del

10. What is the term used to describe using the mouse to move an item on the screen to a new location?

(a) Click    (b) Double-Click    (c) Right click    (d) Drag and drop

11. When computer is turned on, the boot routine performs this test ---
(a) Power – on Self Test    (b) Memory Test    (c) Disk Drive Test    (d) RAM Test

12. CAD stands for?
(a) Computer Algorithm for design    (b) Computer application in design    (c) Computer aided design    (d) None of these

13. The _____ manual tells you how to use a software program.
(a) Help    (b) User    (c) Documentation    (d) Technical

14. What is virtual memory?
(a) Memory of hard disk which is used by CPU as extended RAM    
(b) Memory of RAM
(c) It is the memory which is needed when there is no RAM in the computer
(d) CDs/ Floppies/ Pen Drives

15. What is correcting of errors in a program called?
(a) Compiling    (b) Debugging    (c) Grinding    (d) Interpreting

16. RAM is a/an _______ memory.
(a) auxiliary    (b) external    (c) internal    (d) main

17. What is 3 ½ inch usually associated with?
(a) Compact Disks    (b) DVDs    (c) Floppies    (d) RAM size

18. Pick the odd one out:
(a) UNIX    (b) MS-DOS    (c) Windows 7 Ultimate    (d) ACCESS

19. All the characters that a device can use is called____.
(a) Character Set    (b) Character codes    (c) Alphanumeric set    (d) Character group

20. DTP stands for?
(a) Desktop Publisher    (b) Desktop publishing    (c) Differential Protocol    (d) Dotmatrix printing

There you go guys, this is the banking level – even in IBPS PO, where the level of all other sections was high and tough, computer, which was a separate section, was average.

Same can be expected for the upcoming bank exams as well, where there is no separate Computer section.

Plan, Prepare and Present should be your mantra…we are less than two months away from the official end of 2014’s bank exam season, let’s end it with a ‘happy bang’!

Have a good day.

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