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Reasoning Practice Module 1 - Syllogisms/Blood Relations

Published on Sunday, November 02, 2014
Dear, readers, today I am starting a series on reasoning for SBI Associates PO and IBPS Clerical, the next 2 big banking exams of 2014.

For those of you who haven’t had luck with the ones already done – the importance of these two cannot be stressed upon enough – and the importance of reasoning section can never be too much!

Reasoning, I believe, is a subject which one can improve through discussions and sharing and learning. This subject is about ‘logical deductions’,

how one can use their existing intelligence and bend their minds to answer tricky – but interesting – questions.

To develop one’s thinking and the way of perceiving things, one should gain a broad knowledge of the various possibilities and perspectives…and that comes from sharing and taking in views of others.

Thus my advise to you is, if you are stuck anywhere in reasoning – ask!

Today’s topics are Syllogisms and Blood Relations. Please do solve the sums and time yourselves.

See in how many minutes you are able to solve these 10 very easy sums.

Here we go:

1. Statement: All petals are flowers. Some flowers are buds. Some buds are leaves. All leaves are plants.

     I. Some petals are not buds.
    II. Some flowers are plants.
   III. No flower is plant.

(1) Only I follows
(2) Either II or III follows
(3) I and II follow
(4) Only III follows
(5) None of the above

2. Statements:  All gliders are parachutes. No parachute is an airplane. All airplanes are helicopters.

     I. No glider is an airplane.
    II. All gliders being helicopters is a possibility.

(1) Only I follows
(2) Only II follows
(3) Neither follow
(4) Both follow
(5) Either I or II follows

3. Statements: Some toys are pens. Some pens are papers. Some papers are black.

     I. Some toys are black.
    II. No pen is black.
   III. No toy is black.
   IV. Some pens are black.

(1) Either I or III
(2) Either II or IV
(3) Either I or III, and either II or IV
(4) All the above
(5) None of the above

4. Statements: Some gardens are wardens. All gardens are locks.

     I. Some locks are not wardens.
    II. Some locks are wardens.
   III. No lock is a warden.
   IV. Some locks are gardens.

(1) Only I follows
(2) Either I or II follows
(3) Either I or II and III follow
(4) II and IV follow
(5) Either I or II and IV follow

5. Statements: All jugs are glasses. All glasses are cups. All Jugs are pens.

     I. All pens are jugs.
    II. Some glasses are pens.
   III. Some cups are pens.
   IV. All pens are cups.

(1) Only I follows
(2) Only II follows
(3) II and III follow
(4) None of these follow
(5) III and IV follow

6. How many daughters does P have? Which option is sufficient to answer the question?
   I. B and D are sisters of M.
  II. M’s father T is husband of P.
III. Out of the three children which T has, only one is a boy.

(1) I and II
(2) II and III
(3) I and III
(4) All of these
(5) Cannot be determined

7. Introducing a boy, Mr. Sharma said, “His mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law.” How is Mr. Sharma related to the boy?

(1) Uncle
(2) Father
(3) Brother
(4) Husband
(5) Cannot be determined

8. Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, “His brother’s father is the only son (and child) of my grandfather.” How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?

(1) Mother
(2) Daughter
(3) Aunt
(4) Sister
(5) Cannot be determined

9. ‘X + Y’ means ‘X is the father of Y’. ‘X – Y’ means ‘X is the wife of Y’. ‘X x Y’ means ‘X is the brother of Y’. ‘X /Y’ means ‘X is the mother of Y’. ‘X=Y’ means ‘X is the sister of Y’. On the basis of this information, what does X + Y – Z mean?

(1) X is the father in law of Z
(2) Z is the father of X
(3) Z is the neice of X
(4) Z is the mother of X
(5) X is the brother of Z.

10. If X says that his mother is the only daughter of Y’s mother, how is Y related to X?

(1) Aunt
(2) Father
(3) Nephew
(4) Brother
(5) Uncle

Ohkay! That is all. I hope you all actually solved the sums and timed yourselves.

Beginners, if you have solved all in 10 minutes – kudos to you- try to bring it under 7-8 minutes…remember from {{{{link of how to solve reasoning logically}}}} these two topics are the easy ones and assures at least 6-7 marks in an exam

And those of you who have been practicing and attempting banks exams in the last 6 months – doing all of these under 5 minutes should be your goal!

Very much achievable guys – so keep working on increasing speed and efficiency.

Feedbacks are much appreciated as they let us know if we are proceeding in the right direction with regards to the share and learn concept!

Have a good day!


Dear friends, reasoning is all about exploring all possible alternatives…every possibility should be considered, and so we need to learn to broaden our perspective…

Q2. The given answer is correct. I won’t go into confusing theoretical explanations, but take a look at this diagram.


Is this diagram possible according to the original statement? Yes! All the 3 statements hold true. And if this representation holds true, then Conclusion II, i.e., All Gliders being helicopters is a possibility – is definitely correct!

Q5. Tricky one, and again a broader perspective – check for the possibility of any other option existing…take a look -

Syllogism 2

This representation also can be very much possible – as all jugs have been given to be pens – but no further specification has been given for pens!

Thus, II and III follow for sure!

Statement III does not follow because it is a direct statement, whereas, such a direct relation is not obvious/apparent from the given statements.

If the III conclusion had the word ‘possibility’ then it would have followed!

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