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Daily Vocab Dose - Character I

Published on Tuesday, November 04, 2014
Vocabulary dose for today :-

1. Immaculate – spotless/ clean and tidy
    ex.: My mother likes to keep her kitchen immaculate.

2. Immortal – everlasting/ undying/ perpetual
     ex.: Nothing or nobody is immortal.

3. Imperil – put in danger/ risk
    ex.: Every time you ride a bike without helmet/ or talk on phone while driving, you put yourself in imperilious situation.

4.  Impassioned – from the heart/ passionate
     ex.: Our new PM’s impassioned public speeches always capture the mass’ heart.

5. Improvise – manage / make up/ be creative
    ex.: Public speaking is all about improvisation on the spot!

6. Irrefutable – indisputable/ certain
    ex.: It is irrefutable that IBPS PO IV was the level of CAT!

7. Invoke – appeal to/ call upon/ evoke
    ex.: We should all try our part to invoke patriotism in one another.

8. Inhibit – slow down/ stop/ hold back
    ex.: The poor man’s mobility was severely inhibited after the accident that broke his leg.

9. Intricate – complicated/ complex/ elaborate
    ex.:  Kashmiri carpets are known for their intricate designs.

10. Intimidate – threaten/ frighten/ scare/bully
      ex.: Local goons intimidate small shop owners for money – I see in Bollywood movies all the time!

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