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Computer Bits for 31 December 2014

Published on Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Computer bits for today :-

  1. Antivirus software is an example of - A security utility
  2. Purchases over mobile phone is known as - m-commerce
  3. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk
  4. Printer is an output device
  5. ios is an mobile operating system
  6. Undo shortcut - Ctrl+z
  7. Function of F5 - Refresh the page
  8. A network shares resources among all authorised workstations
  9. Windows 10 is the lastest version of Microsoft's Windows
  10. Web Browser is a software that allows 
  11. The main system board of a computer is motherboard
  12. A file is a collection of information saved as a unit
I will start Computer awareness pearatio eries today itelf, so stay tuned.

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