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Financial Sector Regulators In India

Published on Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Today I am going to explain about various regulators that regulates financial sector in India.              

RBI - Reserve Bank of India

RBI was established on 1 April 1935 with the sole aim to work as banking sector regulator .RBI was nationalized in 1949.RBI regulate the banking sector (government and private banks) by banking regulation act 1949 and RBI act 1935 which entrusted responsibility on the RBI
to work for the enhancement of banking sector in India .RBI is the sole authority to issue banking licenses to entities who want to open bank in India , and if any bank want to open new branch it has to be take prior approval from RBI.

The main aim of RBI is to provide banking services to the last mile of country .To full this initiative RBI has started financial inclusion program .In this RBI mandated all banks in India to open at least 25 percent braches in rural areas. RBI also ensure that adequate credit is provide to rural areas by priority sector lending In this RBI has mandated all banks including foreign banks working in India to provide 40 percent of their loans to priority sector like agriculture, student loans etc .If any bank found violating RBI policy ,it has power to take action against it .

RBI do supervision functions and regular checks to ensure that financial health of banks is maintained .RBI ensure that all banks follow the government guidelines for the banking sector. If any bank found indulging in activities against people interest and violating government polices RBI can fine bank including private banks.

The term of RBI governor is for three years and appointed by GOI.

Present Governor of RBI - Raghuram Rajan

Headquarter - Mumbai

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IRDA – Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority

IRDA was establishes in 1999 by the IRDA act ,1999 .It is the autonomous body established by act of parliament .It aim is to ensure growth of insurance sector in India.

IRDA was established as sole authority to regulate the insurance industry in India , to ensure the growth of insurance industry and protect the interest of policy holders.

For any company want to work in insurance sector needs prior approval of IRDA .It also perform supervision functions to ensure that different insurance companies including private following rules and regulations or not .It can take action against erring companies .IRDA works to protect the interest of policy holder and to regulate, promote and ensure orderly growth of the insurance industry.

The chairman of IRDA is appointed by GOI .The term of IRDA chairman is for five years.

Present chairman of IRDA - T.S.Vijayan
Headquarter - Hyderabad

SEBI- Securities And Exchange Board Of India

SEBI was enacted on April 12, 1992 in accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992. The main aim of SEBI is to protect the interest of investor in securities .It is sole regulator for all stock exchanges in India. SEBI regulate the capital markets in India .If any company want to bring IPO it needs prior approval from SEBI .It is entrusted with responsibility to protect the interest of investor in stock exchange , ensure the growth of securities market ,regulate and develop a code of conduct for intermediaries such as brokers, underwriters, etc.

The chairman of SEBI is appointed by GOI .The term of SEBI chairman is for three years

Present Chairman of SEBI- Upendra kumar Sinha

Headquarter of SEBI - Mumbai

NABARD- National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development

NABARD was established on 12 July 1982 by the act of parliament .NABARD is the apex institution for the development of farm sector , cottage industries and small scale industries in rural areas. The Banking Regulation Act, 1949, empowers NABARD to conduct inspection of State Cooperative Banks (SCBs), Central Cooperative Banks (CCBs) and Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) and protect interest of the present and future depositor and also provide short and medium term loan to those banks working in rural areas development .It provides his expertise in rural areas to RBI and GOI in making policies.

The chairman of NABARD is appointed by GOI .The term of NABARD chairman is for three years

Present Chairman of NABARD - Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala

Headquarter - Mumbai

PFRDA- Pension Fund Regulatory And Development Authority

PFRDA is the regulatory body for all the pension funds in India .The Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority Act was passed on 19th September, 2013.PFRDA regulate the pension sector and works for its development, formulate policies for pension sector.PFRDA is regulating NPS, subscribed by employees of Govt. of India, State Governments and by employees of private institutions/organizations & unorganized sectors.

Term of PFRDA chairman is for five years and appointed by GOI.

Present Chairman of PFRDA- Hemant Contractor

Headquarter - New Delhi

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