SBI Clerk 2014 - Interview Experience

Today I am going to share SBI Interview experience of Trandeep Singh from Panchkula

Date - 8 December 2014, Panel I
Place - Administrative Office Panchkula
Time - 9:00

Many candidates have been rejected at document verifivation phase.

I entered the panel room.

M1 - Tell us something about yourself
Me - My name is Tarandeep Singh, I completed my MBA from GNDU this year. 

(Intruppted me) 

M2 - After MBA why you want to join as a bank clerk, you have better opportuinities. Have you appeared for campus placements ?
Me - I always wanted to join a bank and public sector banks attracts me most.

M3 - What is your specialization in MBA ?
ME - Finance

M4 - What does your father do ?
Me - He runs a small hosiry.

M3 - Why don't you join him? You can expand his business.
Me - I don't want to go into hosiry business, 

M 3 - What are various kinds of accounts you can operate in a bank ?
Me - Savings, Current and Fixed deposit

M3 - What are various kinds of services a bank provides ?
Me - Lockers facility, Issue of drafts, Sanctining loans, Safeguard money, Foreign exhange service, Demat accountrs, PPF service, wealth management.

M4 - What is PPF ?
Me - Public Provident fund. Anybody can open a PPF account. He need to make 1-12 deposits in a year. It's tax free under section 80(c) of Income tax act further interest recieved in also tax free.

M3 - What are the various risks that a bank faces
Me - Liquidity risk, Interest rate risk, Default risk, Forien exhange rate risk

M4 - What is the rate of US Dollars rigth now in terms of INR ?
Me - Rs 62 approx

M3 - That's all, you may leave now.

Many candidates said that they were asked that whether they can speak Punjabi or not. I am Keshdhari Sikh, that's why they didn't asked me that question.

I am confident that I will be selected for sure. Wish me luck!

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