IBPS PO Interview Experience - 19-01-2015 - Pune

Good morning Friends,
I am sharing my interview experience .
Date- 19/01/2015
Venue - Bank of Maharashtra staff training college, Pune
Time- 8:30 am
Panel - 1

I reached the venue at 8:20 am. They gave us a form to fill up the basic details such as name, roll no. , educational qualification , hobbies, place of residence, computer literacy etc.

They later told to us to sit according t to the serial no. of interview which were given to us. I was placed 6th for interview. Document verification started at 9:15. 1st candidate wen but was rejected for not having NOC. As one more guy was absent ,I was now 4th in list . It took bit time for verification due to some problem in earlier candidates documents. As soon as my verification was finished I was told to go to first floor where the interview was held. My interview lasted for 5-7 minutes. 

As the bell rang I silently opened the door I asked for coming in. Panel members said to come . I greeted them with a smiling face. There were total 5 members (1 lady 5 gentlemen) . They told me to take a seat.
M1 - So, what's ur name?
I - Tushar Shrirang Waghmare
M1 - What is your education?
I - Sir I have completed B.Com and also MBA in Finance.
After going to photocopies they asked why had I opted for commerce even if having Science in 10+2 with 83%.
I cleared them that I was doing engineering but could not complete and then opted for commerce.
M1 - How will u apply your MBA in Bank as PO?
M1 - How will u do marketing of Bank Products?
M2 - What is Profit and loss a/c ?
M2 - Difference between P&L a/c and balance sheet?
M3(lady) - She was continuously asking questions one by one till my first answer finished.
M3 - What are other common names for assets and liabilities?
M3 - Documents required for loan?
M3 - What is KYC?
M3 - Why KYC ?
M3 - Money laundering?
M3 - Black Money?
Then M4 asked some questions in Marathi about my native place .
Lastly it was last member's turn
M5 - What is primary and collateral security?
I answered collateral security and was knowing accurately about Primary security and said sorry for not knowing that.
Last question was about ECGC .
I gave its full form.
M5 - Is it a bank?
M5 - What it does?
I was answering M 5 interrupted and said it is but M 1 came to rescue and said no its correct.
M1 - Good Tushar. We have finished it. Best luck
I - Thanked them and silently came out of the interview room. 


That's all friends !!!
Best luck .Prepare well

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  1. thanx for sharing this!

  2. Abad jabad jaa Abad ja Abad ja alawala khonja chidkumba dhidkumba dinda the same way girikande

  3. Kalpan tumhara kab hai interview

  4. PK ho kya bhai ? kehna kya chahte ho :P

  5. It's in marathi

  6. oops . sorry . no offence :)

  7. Are thik hai yaar, tumharra interview kab hai

  8. Plese answer....!!

    A,B and C invested in a business.The investment ratio of A and B is 2:1 and that of B and C is 5:4, if the total profit earned is 20,000/- What is the share of B in investment..???

  9. bhai mera 21st ko, tumhara ?

  10. Thanks Ramandeep Sir !!!
    Cleared SBI PO RBI Asst. ,IBPS PO , IBPS RRB , SBI Clerk .
    But unfortunately could not clear the final cut off for SBI PO n RBI asst.
    Waiting for SBI Clerk but IBPS PO was the best interview uptil now.
    THANKS SIR!!!!

  11. to kya hme apna c v ni le jana h vo khud denge fill up krne k liye

  12. HAI i am working in a public sector bank as PO and now i want an NOC to attend another interview, whom should i approach for this??

    are officers under probation also eligible for NOC in nationalised banks ??

    please help me.


  13. Yes you need NOC

    But I don't think you will get NOC from your bank to appear for PO interviews

  14. sir plz suggest some letter writing and essay topics for nicl AO exam.


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