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First Steps to Improve your Score in Bank Exams

Published on Thursday, February 19, 2015
It's best time ask a simple question - When would you seriously start your exam preparation?

If you are reading this post then I am sure that you have already started your preparations or about to start your preparations. 

But here is a catch

I asked about "Serious Preparations"

Today I am going to discuss about various things you can do now that will help you to improve your score in the exam. As there is no important exam in next few weeks.

Right now you have enough time to work on things such as calculation and reading speed as in future, you won't find time to work on these things.

Work on your calculation speed

In past I shared various techniques, it's best time to play around them :-

Steps to improve your calculation speed

  • Learn tables up to 30
  • Learn squares of first 50 numbers 
  • Learn estimation techniques
  • Learn to solve quadratic equations quickly
  • Go through all types of graphs and charts in Data interpretation

Work on your screen reading speed

Speed is the key to success in banking exams. If your reading speed is good then you can quickly go through questions in every section and further you will take less to do Reading comprehensions. 

Increasing reading speed takes time, you need to make a habit of reading online. Start reading online newspapers and blogs.

I have already shared quick technique to increase your reading speed here

Must Time management strategy here

Improve your grammar

You can't improve your grammar overnight. It takes weeks or even months to build a strong hold on a language. I made Grammar Digest to help you quickly understand the grammar concepts.

Must read my previous article - 

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