3 Step Multiplication Trick - A shortcut method

In the series of providing quantitative shortcuts and tricks, today I come up with multiplication trick.

While doing multiplication of a two digit number with another two digit number, we take at least 6 steps. Try yourself. Multiply 62 with 32. 

Now let's do this with a trick

Step 1

First step is same as conventional method, here we multiply 2 with 2.
multiplication shortcut step 1

Step 2

This is an interesting step. Now multiply last digit first value and first digit of second value and vice-versa. Then we add outcomes. But we need the last number that is 8 here.
multiplication shortcut step 2

 Step 3 

This is the last step, in this step we do multiplication ten's digit of both value and add the remainder from previous calculation. That's it, we completed the calculation in 3 steps instead of six steps.
multiplication shortcut step 2

We can use this method for multiplication of three or even four digit numbers but time management is really important in IBPS exam and other recruitment exams so for longer calculations, estimation is the best trick. I will post an article about how to do long calculations using estimation and result is 95% accurate which is enough to arrive at answer.

Update 06-09-2013

As two of the readers namely Rahul and Ansh have requested me to use this technique in longer calculations multiplications. I am updating this article.

Multiplication of 3 digit numbers

In this example I will multiply 432 with 346. Now the 3 step multiplication method will become 5 step. This method can be used for 4 and even 5 digit numbers but as in bank exams there is lack of time available for calculations I recommend you to use approximation for long calculations.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

In case you find any difficulty to understand the above multiplication method then ask your question in the comments. I will try to answer every query asap. 

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