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IBPS Clerk Interview Experience - Engineering background

Published on Thursday, February 12, 2015
Hi friends 

I am Abhishek.I had my ibps clerk interview on 11th feb at 1 pm(afternoon session).
Name - Abhishek
Qualification - B. Tech in Electronics and Telecomm.
Centre - Bank of India Staff Training College,Noida.
Timing - 1 p.m.(panel 3)

I reached the venue at 12:30.My no. was 5th in the panel.Document Verification done by 2 pm.During document verification they gave us a plane sheet of paper and asked to write 4 or 5 lines on any topic in local language.Interview Started around 2:40(Finished in around 15 min)
There were 5 people in the panel(4 male and 1 female)

I greeted to all of them in the opening,was asked to take seat.

M1; asked about if i had given the interview for po or not?
Me; yes
M1; then asked about how was the po interview,what were the questions asked in the po interview.
Me; told them about it.
M2; He told me you are from communication background so tell me whats the use of optical fibre?
Me; Answered it.
M3: So do you play games,which is your favorite Sport?
Me: answered Cricket
M3: so then he asked an important event is coming up? do u know it?
Me: yes sir world cup is starting from 14th feb.
M3: Then he asked according to you which team is most likely to win this time?
Me: I told being an Indian I want India to win but I think seeing there recent performance its most unlikely that they will win.
M3: So which is the most balanced team according to you?
Me:I told South Africa.
M3: Again he asked where u think Indian team is lacking ?
Me:At that moment i started to think if this interview is for clerk in a bank or for some sports related job.Then I answered where according to me team India is lacking.
M3:If you choose an Indian dream team then which players will be included in it?
Me: I told i would like to open with Sachin and Sehwag.
M3: Sachin has taken retirement and Sehwag is not in the current team.From current players which player would you select for opening ?
Me: I told sir from current Players Rohit Sharma And Shikhar Dhawan.
M3: then finally he told others to ask.
M4:He Asked where are you from?
Me:told Darbhanga(Bihar).
M4: Then he asked who is the MP from there?
Me: Mr. Kirti Jha Azad(member of 1983 world cup winning team)
M4: Then he asked who is his father.He is also a famous person.
Me:Sir i don't remember right now.
M4:He is Mr. Bhagwat Jha Azad.So tell me your home town is in which part of Bihar?
why it is famous.
Me; Answered.
M5: He didn't ask anything, he was just observing.

Thank You
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