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IBPS Clerk Interview - Lovejeet from Panchkula

Published on Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Name - Lovejeet
Interview centre- PNB Staff college,Panchkula,Haryana
Time - 8:30 AM

Reached at the centre before time at 7:45 am. then document verification started, my number was second sixth in the list , my interview held about 11:30 pm , interview duration was about 8 minutes.

entered the interview room , there was 5 member in my panel in which 4 was male and 1 was female, out of five panel members only 4 asked me questions.

After entry I greeted them all with good after noon ,then the center panel member allow me to sit,

As I completed my graduation from khalsa he asked question from it?

M1-tell me about khalsa panth?
Ans-explained well.

M1- birth palace of guru gobind singh?

M1-how many sons guru govind singh have?

M1-tell me the names of Chaar sahibjade?
Ans-i dont know sir..

Then F1 ask me some question about banking.
F1-how many types of accounts in bank?

F1- difference between FD &RD?
Ans-well explained..they ask with smile you are very intelligent.

F1-tell me about banking ombudsman?
Ans-as I explain they started clapping..

Now M2 turned to me and ask some regional question
M2-tell me the means of Punjab?

M2-why ganganagar is known with this name?
Ans-explained well.

M2-which Nahar Priyojna is related to ganganagar and tell me its starting point?
Ans-told.well..he impressed with the answer..

Then M3 asked me some question about Guru nanak dev Ji..because at the time of document verification they asked us to write some lines in punjabi language..then I write about guru nanak dev ji.

M3-tell me the birth palace of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

M3-where it is now?
Ans- I told in pakistan.

M3-tell me the father's name of guru nanak dev ji?
Ans- told.

M3-tell me the mother's name of gurunanak dev ji?

They started clapping and ask talented know everything.

Then they ask about my family....and at last they ask we hope you will get the job...all the u can leave...
I thanked them all and come out with a great smile...

Dont worry.

They are very friendly

Be positive

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