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Proven Techniques to crack English Section of Bank Exams

Published on Saturday, February 14, 2015
Many of you might be appearing for Bank and other recruitment exams from last 1-3 years but still you are failing in every exam due to English section.

You can improve your Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning marks by revision and practice.

But what about English language ?

I have seen many candidates who score really well in English while they not really good at English language.

How they did that and you can follow their techniques!!

Today I will talk about some of these techniques :-

Reading Comprehensions

Reading a 1500 paragraph on a screen is difficult. Further the topic may or may not align with your interests.

Technique 1

It's better to attempt 1 RC correctly in 15 minutes than attempting 3 RC's quickly in same time.

Even if you have made a strict plan for the exam, you will end up giving 20-25 minutes to English section. 

That's itself a blunder.

You should give at least 30 minutes to English. 

Patience is the key to success in RCs. Read the paragraph carefully. Don't rush. Try to understand author's views. 

Technique 2

Most of the exams have 3 Reading Comprehensions. A shortcut that worked for me all the times was - Read the Questions First

After reading the questions first, I exactly know that what I need to find in the paragraph. I can quickly read the paragraph and find the exact phrase or synonyms of it to find my answer.  

Technique 3

I read lots online newspapers and blogs. That's my hobby. I am following many influential bloggers since 4-5 years. So when I appeared for CAT and Bank exams 3 years back, I found it really easy to crack Reading comprehension part because my online reading speed was really good.

What you can learn from it ?

Search for blogs of your interest and subscribe to their email newsletters, You will get regular newsletters in your email inbox. 

Read more and more online. This will improve your reading speed, thus you will be able to read a 1500 words paragraph within 2-3 minutes. Although it's not a technique in itself but it is a long term solution to your problem. 

Sentence Rearrangement 

This is the most time consuming part of English section. If you don't much time, then avoid this.

Technique 1

Find Opening and Closing statement
Most of the times examiner divides a paragraph from a newspaper in to 4-5 statements to make a question for the exam. Your job is to find the opening statement. Opening introdues you to the facts and ideas expalined in trailing statements.

Similarly closing statement concludes the ideas given in the opening statement.

Technique 2

Find connection between two statements

a) Ram is a soccer player. 
b) He plays for Norman Club. 
c) Norman Club won Roger Cup in 2011.

Now how will you relate these three statements ?

(a) should come at first as it introdues Ram. (b) should follow (a) as it explain what Ram do. (c) should follw (b) as it explain feature of (b)

Grammar and Vocabulary

I made "English Grammar Digest". You can download it from the fowlling link.

You can't skip vocabulary part. I made a Vocabulary list for my readers.

I will upload Reading Comprehension free practice book today.

Get my preparation DVD

In case you facing any difficulty then comment below. I promise you reply as soon as possible.

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