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Reasoning Quiz for Specialist officer exam

Published on Tuesday, February 03, 2015
Directions: In a question below is given a statement followed by three conclusions numbered a, b and c. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true,then consider the three conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows.
1.      Statement:    a > b ≥ c = d
(a)   a>d
(b)   b>c

(c)    b=c

2.      Statement:    m > n = o ≤ p
(a)   m > p
(b)   m ≤ p
(c)    p ≥ n

3.      Statement:    p ≤ q < r = t
(a)   t > p
(b)   q > p
(c)    q  = p

4.      Statement:   k > l = m ≤ n
(a)   a > b
(b)   a = b
(c)    a < b

5.      Statement:   a = b ≠ c
(a)   a ≠ c
(b)   b > c
(c)    b < c

Answer  key :
1.      only a & either b or c
2.      either  a or b and c
3.      only a & either b or c
4.      either  a  or  b or  c
5.      only a  and  either b or  c

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