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Published on Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Today I am will explaion Calender chapter. Specifically I will teach you Odd days technique to solve Calender questions quickly.

In an Ordinary year there are 365 days (52 weeks + 1 Odd day)
In a Leap year there are 366 days (52 weeks + 2 Odd day)

Any year that is divisible by 4 is a leap year. There is an exception, century years(1900,2000) should be divisble by 400 to become a leap year. 1300 is not divisble by 400 so it's not a leap year.

Odd days = Extra days (Surplus days after weeks)

In an Ordinary year there is 1 Odd day ( as 52 × 7 + 1 = 365)
In a Leap year year there are 2 Odd days ( as 52 × 7 + 2 = 366)

On 1 January 00 AC, it was Monday so we take Sunday as base.

So take sum of Odd days and then again divide it by 7. Then we take remainfder and match it with codes given. Thus we get the day week on which a specific date lies on.
Let me expolain this with help of Video.

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