English Vocabulary Quiz for 21 April 2015

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Abstain
a) consider
b) spread rumors
c) remove
d) hold back from doing

2. Commendable
a) able to lead
b) secondary
c) dishonest
d) worthy of praise

3. Appease
a) simplify
b) ruin
c) make less angry
d) make well known

4. Adamant
a) undecided
b) friendly
c) unyielding
d) hostile

5. Candid
a) passionate and caring
b) honest and straightforward
c) concealed and secretive
d) courteous and generous

6. Bolster
a) remove forcefully
b) attack
c) dismiss
d) support

7. Ambiguous
a) having multiple meanings
b) misleading
c) uncaring
d) unchanging

8. Discreet
a) upset
b) likely to conspire
c) silent
d) careful

9. Deliberate
a) hide from view
b) make known
c) make quick decisions
d) consider carefully

10. Exemplify
a) abuse in words
b) be a perfect example of
c) stand away from
d) hold to a higher standard

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