SBI PO Success Story - Rishi Jaiswal

Published on Tuesday, April 21, 2015
I am rishi jaiswal done in mechanical engg in 2010 and initially i was working in a mechanical industry in nagpur for just rs10000 a month till 2012. i was not satisfied with my job then i left it in july 2012. it seemed that my lfe is going no where but my father suggested me to prepare for baniking jobs. then i started the preparation from 2013 n with self study i never went to any coaching institute yet in my life.
I just bought some books of 10yrs previos paper from market and started solving it , taken help from my freinds who were preparing for banking services. slowly i started giving exams my first banking exam was bob manipal 2013 i cracked it in written but couldnt make it to the final list. then i have cracked IBPS PO3 which i also cracked but just missed by 1.2 marks in final list. i was very much frustrated as i didint make it to finals of po3.

It was like that i am going no where left enng job in 2012 n currently having no jobs in banking sector also since i didnt make it to finals of po3. some people suggested me to go for pvt job once again, but i refused i just thought that i will recollect all my energies once again and give the exams with more hard work than before.

Again in 2014 i started the preparation the first exam which i gave in 2014 was bob manipal 2014 again cleared written but didnt make it to the final list once again, then i cleared idbi manipal 2014 writen but still not in the final list as usual. i was very much frustrated sicne i was clearing all written exam but not getting to the final list. it was too hard to digest. but i have to face the reality. then i gave sbi clerical in 2014 which i cleared written but once again not in final list. this was very much devastating for me , since i thought i am not even considerable for a clerk job. then again i cleared PO4 and syndicate manipal in a row n also sbi associate po written exams.

But till now i have faced 5 intrw failures after clearing written. i just thought k there are 3 phases which a student has to phase during preparation.

1st phase:- written will not be getting cleared

2nd phase:- written will start getting clear

3rd phase:- final will start getting clear

I have faced the 2nd phase till 31 march 2015 but on 1 april 2015 things changed completely i got selected in united bank po through IBPS PO4. then after one week syndicate manipal came with a second list and my name was in it. then lastly today my dream destination SBI associate po result are out and i am selected for it got sbi Hyderabad.

I am a very average student not the topper at any point of my academic career. but during preparations i just focused on areas in which i was very strong like general awareness & data interpretation in maths section. these were my two strong points through which i cleared all wriiten exams. for ga "Bank exam today "daily gk updates helped me a lot and its materials for specific exams did a great job for me. people have success story but i have a failure story bcoz we learn from our failure.

5 interviews failure not even getting selected in sbi clerk 2014 but now i am PO in sbi associates. things changes really but u just have to give ur best efforts n keep patience. because right things happen at the right time n to the right people.

Today i made my parents proud of me , this is the biggest gift that one can give to his parents by just saying them that i am selected for a officer post in a top bank of this country

My parents are my biggest support to me during my bad times i owe y success to them.

Following are my exam history:-

1) bob manipal 2013- written clear not in final
2) IBPS PO3- written clear not in final
3) bob manipal 2014-written clear not in final
4) idbi manipal 2014- written clear not in final
5) sbi clerk 2014- written clear not in final
6) syndicate manipal 2014- selected in 2nd list roll no-5809002742
7) IBPS PO4 - selected in united Bank of india roll no-2740920204
8) sbi associate po- selected in state bank of Hyderabad roll no-1460720924

Earlier I was not an option for nany of the employers but now I have a options to choose my employer whether its SBI , united Bank of India or syndicate bank . that's make a huge difference.

according to me "every failure gives a new driving force for new successful venture" so never be afraid of failures just keep trying and feel free.

with regards,
Rishi Jaiswal

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