English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 22

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Intimation
a) holiness
b) accommodation
c) emotoinal closeness
d) indirect suggestion

2. Impervious
a) highly critical
b) unobservant

c) not common
d) unaffected by

3. Excruciating
a) intending harm
b) very painful
c) unimportant
d) highly embarrassing

4. Erratic
a) prone to error
b) fretful
c) hectic
d) highly irregular

5. Evasive
a) hostile
b) avoiding commitment
c) authoritative
d) unyielding

6. Empiricism
a) academic success
b) keen observation
c) domination of a people
d) action based on practice

7. Iconoclastic
a) abusive
b) flexible
c) defying tradition
d) outspoken

8. Insufferable
a) painful
b) blissful
c) unbearable
d) without guilt

9. Zenith
a) great depth
b) popularity
c) secretive action
d) highest point

10. Implicate
a) include
b) discuss secretly
c) convey meaning
d) acknowledge

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