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SBI PO Preliminary Exam - Tips for English Language

Published on Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Most of you might be busy with your SBI PO Preliminary exam preparations. It's easy to score 25 out of 30 in English but it's hard to score 25 out 35 in Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning.

I have noticed that most of the candidates ignore English language section. There are two reasons behind this :-

1) Over confidence

2) You think that score in English language is a long term process

Both of this problems can be solved within few days. I am not going to teach you any trick but that's what I have realized while guiding and teaching teaching dozens of students in past.

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Reading Comprehensions are not BORING !

Have your ever read a book for fun ?

Do you like Reading editorial page newspapers?

If your answer is no then reading long paragraphs is boring for you.

I know it's hard to make a new habit but this habit is much better than playing Candy Crush your phone.

Make a habit of reading books and newspapers. This will help you in long term. This habit improves your concentration level and it also makes an impact on your problem capabilities.

Lets take an example of your Phone, 2 GB RAM phone is more efficient than 1 GB RAM phone. RAM temporarily stores data for computations.

While reading you brain stores data temporarily for calculations. If you continue reading for a long time, your brain become use to store big chunks of data. In short it makes you Smarter!

Practice makes a Man perfect

I have seen many candidates who are bad in English but they score really well in the exams.

They aren't English rockers but they did it !

They prepared themselves to read big paragraphs quickly and guess the meaning of a difficult words.

Keep it Simple

This one is for Descriptive paper.

There is misconception among students that using difficult words, writing long and complex sentences will make them a better writer.

This is a misconception.

While reading +BankExamsToday , you might have noticed that I never use difficult words or complex sentences, because I don't want my readers to make an effort to understand my ideas!

So, Always use simple sentences and avoid difficult words. This will improve your hold on English language.

Give your Tips in the comments

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