English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 8

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Cohesive
a) tenacious
b) filtered
c) united
d) gullible

2. Egotist
a) philosopher
b) rebel
c) boaster
d) manager

3. Belittle
a) enrage
b) shrink
c) reduce in physical size
d) put somebody down

4. Mesmerize
a) remember
b) hypnotize
c) bury
d) separate

5. Resolve
a) determine
b) rewrite
c) declare inncent
d) abandon

6. Summit
a) award
b) defeat
c) highest point
d) insult

7. Uncompromising
a) without
b) inflexible
c) shapeless
d) angry

8. Serene
a) extremely hot
b) disorganized
c) peaceful
d) sorrowful

9. Lethargic
a) weary
b) hostile
c) sensitive
d) incorrect

10. Chauvinism
a) intense emotion
b) feeling of superiority
c) denial
d) forcefulness

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  1. sir plz launch some quiz on insurance.

  2. i think most of the words are being repeated , saw similar or should say same words previous in english vocabulary quiz


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