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Battle of the year - Land Acquisition Bill 2015

Published on Thursday, May 28, 2015
Land Acquisition Bill is a set of rules,initiatives and procedure regarding the acquiring of a land by Center or State govt. of India for the infra-structure & Economic Growth.

Major Changes in Bill

Basis Previously Planned Govt.’s Purposal Farmer’s Suggestion
1.Acquring The Bill originally purposed by UPA govt. said that before acquiring a land it is mandatory to get assurance from at least 70% of people in rural area & 80% in urban area respect. Which is now NDA's govt. has totally omitted from the bill, Instead of this the govt. assuring that the farmer can go to the court and file a petition against it with easy procedure and the new thing is this that one family member will get a govt. job and No agricultural Land will be acquired by govt. and also that the area beyond 1 kilometer of highway will not be acquired by govt. Farmers wants that Govt. instead of acquiring a land should take on lease and pending projects should be restart with viewing it's feasibility.
2.Rehabilitation Rehabilitation should be there. Govt. says that farmers are Rehabilitated but the reality is there is a lot of work need to be done. Major Indian infrastructure projects such as the Yamuna Expressway where a lot of money was invested but the vast community is far behind from this infrastructure growth.
3.Transparency Transparency should be there. Promises are made. The Ground Reality is this that involvement of political pressure ,dealers ,ministers makes the transparency invisible.
4.Fair Compensation Fair Compensation should be there. Govt. says Fair Compensation has been given to Farmers. Where as in the recent Greater Noida Project Case , farmers are not accepting the compensation but forcefully SC orders that farmers need to take this compensation because a lot of investment already has been done. So SC stays with Allahabad High Court Orders.
5.Resettelment Resettlement should be there. Govt. says that work has been done in this context. Major Indian Infrastructure Projects like Yamuna Expressway ,Greater Noida Project tells a different story.
6.Lengthy Court Procedure Should be simple ,less costly ,time saving Govt. says that they are working On A lot of pressure in this case impact the judgment like happen in Greater Noida Project Case.

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