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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 42

Published on Wednesday, May 27, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Trite
a) lacking originality
b) abusive
c) suitable
d) harmful

2. Inure
a) absorb
b) attack ceaselessly
c) harden
d) put aside

3. Concede
a) come before
b) act arrogantly
c) admire
d) admit wrongdoing

4. Tribulation
a) important meeting
b) suffering
c) revelation
d) mistrial

5. Halcyon
a) majestic
b) peaceful
c) worthy of respect
d) fearsome

6. Lacerate
a) distress deeply
b) be sympathetic to
c) ridicule publicity
d) mend

7. Disenfranchise
a) shrink
b) rob money from
c) make unknown
d) deprive of votes

8. Precarious
a) dangerous
b) diligent
c) nurturing
d) wise

9. Puissant
a) powerful
b) loud
c) humorous
d) tired

10. Uncanny
a) strange, unsettling
b) irrelevant
c) unable to learn
d) not careful, not wise

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