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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 42

Published on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
1. Dovetail
a) express peace
b) violate
c) fit together tightly
d) move in unison

2. Countermand
a) reverse a command
b) order
c) accuse
d) perservere

3. Frustrate
a) prevent
b) confuse
c) remove forcefully
d) eliminate

4. Puissant
a) loud
b) humorous
c) powerful
d) tired

5. Apothegm
a) curse
b) short saying
c) universal law
d) principle

6. Audacious
a) taking bold risks
b) perceptive
c) strange
d) arousing awe

7. Solicitude
a) feeling of concern
b) desolation
c) lack of activity
d) special treatment

8. Incessant
a) troubling
b) not stopping
c) obvious
d) prone to lying

9. Deride
a) dismount
b) stationary
c) work together
d) put down

10. Precipitate
a) hasty
b) judgmental
c) occurring first
d) soaked

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