6 Tips for Arrangement of Sentences

Sentence arrangement is an important part of English language section of bank exams. Basic trick that works for most of the questions is - Find pairs of related sentences. Once you find two pairs, you can easily answer the question.


  1. Try to understand the passage, if you can make out the meaning behind the passage, you will definitely get the correct order. 
  2. Create a pair of two sentences, i.e. if 6 sentences, then create 3 pairs each having 2 sentences. 
  3. Try to find out clues while making a pair, most of the time there are some connecting words that form a bridge between two sentences. 
  4. Once you identified the pairs, all you need to do is to reorder these pairs to form a meaningful passage. 
  5. Try to find out the pair that looks independent and place it as introduction, the pair that looks like a result as last. 
  6. Go through the arrangement and check the logical meaning of the pair and see if it conveys a meaning flow. If you think the sequence lacks logic, rearrange again till you start seeing some logic.

Let’s understand through an example:

A. Another of his start-ups was sold to Google.

B. He founded the first company to sell virtual reality products.

C. But, unlike most of his fellow technologists, he eventually came to feel that the rise of digital networks was no panacea.

D. He was there, more or less, at its creation.

E. Lanier has an unusual authority to criticize the digital economy.

It is clear that first sentence should be E because all other sentences referred to he or his whereas sentence E refers to a name which is a noun and generally the passage always starts with the Noun.The sentence E says that Lanier has an unusual to criticize the digital economy.

Now, let us try to find out the pair for this, we can see that D is the only sentence that makes pair with E, because sentence E says ….Lanier……………………….digital economy. Because he was there at his creation (D) the next pair would be B & A. B tells about his first company and A tells about his other start-ups.

So ED and BA are two pairs, so the final arrangement can be EDCBA or EDBAC. If you read both the orders carefully, you will find that EDBAC offers a better understanding.

(At last it all depends on your practice:The more you practice, the better you are.)

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