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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 35

Published on Tuesday, May 19, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Truculence
a) sadness
b) tendency to fight
c) bright light
d) peaceful

2. Jingoist
a) easy-going
b) heroic
c) scheming
d) overly patriotic

3. Charlatan
a) con artist
b) violent person
c) trusted person
d) skill at speaking

4. Epiphany
a) harmful condition
b) sudden realization
c) beautiful sound
d) scheme

5. Disinterested
a) excited
b) dismissive
c) bored
d) unbiased

6. Vindictive
a) victorious
b) seeking revenge
c) criticizing
d) removing blame

7. Apprehension
a) ability to bend
b) lightness
c) foresight
d) anxiety

8. Solicitous
a) anxious to please
b) carefree
c) hostile
d) alone

9. Illustrious
a) pale and sick
b) dim
c) famous
d) hidden

10. Exacting
a) adapting
b) recalcitrant
c) specializing
d) demanding

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