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10 Shortcut Techniques for Quantitative Aptitude

Published on Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Today I am sharing few videos and important tricks for Quantitative aptitude section of SBI PO Preliminary exam.

Time and Work

This is my favorite topic in Quantitative aptitude, It's possible to solve any question from this chapter within 30 seconds. I won't share the "Guessing Techniques" as they aren't always right. 

Watch the video below to learn simple efficiency method :-


Yet another easy chapter from QT. Read basic formulae. There are hardly 3-4 types of questions that are repeatedly asked again and again in the banking exams. I have shared those questions here.

Profit and Loss

You will see at least one question in SBI PO Preliminary exam. I already shared a detailed video lecture of this chapter here.

Time and distance

This is one of the easiest chapter from QT. You just need to know every questions type. Don't mug up difficult formulae because on the D-day, all you will remember is Speed = Distance / Time

In the following video, I tried to make the concept simple.

Multiplication technique

I have already shared 3 steps multiplication technique here

Watch the below video for explanation :-

Squaring technique

While doing data interpretation questions, you need to make quick calculations. 

I have already shared a 2 lines trick to find squares here.

Data interpretation

This is one of the most important part of any competitive exam with Quantitative aptitude with a section. There isn't any exact shortcut but I shared few tricks in my previous article here.

Follow DI preparation series here

Data sufficiency

It takes less than 20 seconds to solve a simple DS question. You actually need not to solve the question, you need to find whether the questions can be answered with the given data or not.
Download my free Data Sufficiency workbook here.

Watch this video explanation

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