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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 37

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Clemency
a) know-how
b) affection
c) mercy
d) respectability

2. Malinger
a) gossip
b) criticize
c) loiter
d) avoid work

3. Impregnable
a) unlucky
b) undeniable
c) popular
d) indestructible

4. Adjudicate
a) judge
b) lie outright
c) speak out
d) deny

5. Resurgent
a) rising again
b) splendid
c) reverted
d) warlike

6. Epigram
a) inappropriate comment
b) witty saying
c) special treatment
d) letter

7. Cryptic
a) mysterious
b) ancient
c) shallow
d) deadly

8. Erudite
a) difficult
b) obscure
c) notorious
d) scholarly

9. Grandiloquent
a) massive
b) well-spoken
c) pompous
d) verbose

10. Perpetuate
a) solidify
b) have no effect on
c) prevent
d) make happen indefinitely

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