English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 40

Published on Monday, May 25, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Machinate
a) evade
b) attack violently
c) scheme
d) work diligently

2. Transmute
a) move slowly
b) become quiet
c) alter in form
d) overturn

3. Dispatch
a) suspicion
b) sudden movement
c) speed, efficiency
d) bossiness

4. Sardonic
a) depressed
b) evil
c) unhelpful
d) mocking

5. Perfunctory
a) done routinely
b) porous
c) in a lower position
d) practical

6. Conflagration
a) heated debate
b) mutual hate
c) wild excitement
d) large fire

7. Surreptitious
a) occurring again
b) stealthy
c) unnecessary
d) sinister

8. Nadir
a) horrible memory
b) lowest point
c) lack of knowledge
d) unimportant person

9. Dolorous
a) painful
b) sorrowful
c) wealthy
d) time consuming

10. Affable
a) talkative
b) subtly misleading
c) insincere
d) likeable

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