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Profit and Loss Quiz - SBI PO Preliminary Series

Published on Friday, May 29, 2015
Today I have started SBI PO Preliminary preparation series for Quantitative section. Check the series here.

In this series I am sharing practice questions for profit and loss chapter.


A girl enters a shop to buy pen,pencils and copy.She has to buy at least 9 units of each.She buys more pencils than pen and more copy than pencils.She picks up a total of 30 items.How many pencils does she buy?


The cost of four chairs and two tables is Rs. 2500.Cost of one chair is Rs. 500 less than cost of one table.What is the cost of three tables and one chairs.


A vendor sells two dozen banana which he buys at Rs. 16 per dozen.he sells 18 banana at Rs. 16 per dozen and the remaining at Rs. 8 per dozen.Find his loss or Profit Percentage?


A vendor buy a car at Rs. 40000 which he repairs with additional cost of Rs.5000 and again sells it to another person at 20% profit.Find it's Selling Price?


A buys cycle at Rs. 1200 and sell it to B at 10% profit and B sells it to C on 10% profit.Find the Selling Price on which B sells it to C?


A vendor buy at certain price .and sells it  on Rs.20 by getting 1/4 profit percentage .Find Cost Price?
Ans: CP=100/100+25*20=>16


If the cost of 4 pen and 3 pencil is Rs. 31 what will be the cost of  5 pen and 6 pencil?


A vendor sells its furniture at Rs. 2460 with excluding tax Rs.540 and having a loss of Rs. 300 Find CP?


On buying a machine at Rs. 14500 with additional charges Rs.500. The seller get profit 20%.Find the Seller's Cost Price?

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