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English Vocabulary Quiz for - Part 50

Published on Thursday, June 11, 2015
1. Pine
a) grow quickly
b) yearn for
c) attack
d) fret

2. Mettlesome
a) annoying
b) stubborn
c) courageous
d) shy

3. Irresolute
a) uncertain how to act
b) impatient
c) impolite
d) rebellious

4. Fallacious
a) careful
b) prone to error
c) likely to fall
d) likely to argue

5. Tout
a) become tense
b) urge on
c) deceive
d) advertise strongly

6. Ameliorate
a) corrupt
b) improve
c) falsify
d) sweeten

7. Effrontery
a) anticipation
b) fake friendliness
c) strength, power
d) cheeky behavior

8. Bristle
a) react angrily
b) remain aloof
c) become callous
d) show fear

9. Hobble
a) crack under strain
b) injure
c) speak humorously
d) hold back

10. Fecund
a) mentally productive
b) used up
c) deceitful
d) hardworking

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