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Success Story of Leeladhar Patel

Published on Thursday, June 11, 2015
Name- Leeladhar Patel
State- Chhattisgarh
Qualification- B.E. (ET&T)
Qualified - PNB (IT OFFICER), CBI (PO)
Hello Sir, I am a spine injured patient. I met to an accident in October 2011 and since then my life became worst then I had ever felt. I suffered with Paraplegia, I was not able to move my legs and had no sensation below my waist at all, and then only I realized the real value of
my life and the human anatomy beginning from head to my toe finger. Now questions began to hurt me like,

What can a person do without legs or without any of the body parts?


How does a person live his Whole life born with disability?


How much struggles do they do to make their life satisfied? And so on.....

Such questions compelled me to think over and over about what I have and how should I use it properly, so that I can make my life worth living as I am
gifted with another life.

But at last I am well now and walking again after 4 years and realized the real value of my Life, this world and of everything. I am not going to waste my time in Facebook, WhatsApp and any other social networking sites but I would like to do something that can bring awareness among all people in this world. I hope my long but short story would help you to encourage yourself and to prevent you from any wrongdoing.

Having nothing to do except taking rest (completely Bed ridden) I asked my friend about my carrier. He suggested me to prepare for bank exams. When I began to walk after 2 years since my accident I firstly took bank test (SO IT OFFICER) in 2013, that time I completely missed my chance because of no preparation. I encouraged myself to be prepared well for the upcoming bank exam and next year I qualified (SO IT OFFICER) in 2014. I went to Bhopal for interview but in final result I missed it for .4 no from being in reserve list. That time I was sure enough to make it happen by next year anyhow and began my preparation really-really well. In 2014 I searched some websites for the preparation of bank exam and one day I found +BankExamsToday and began to follow every post whether it is from websites or from Facebook. Special thanks to Mr. Ramandeep sir who had always replied my queries regarding exams and interview. A lot of websites are there but either they do not reply your queries or will reply to the chosen one. That’s why I am really grateful to Raman sir. In 2014 I wrote Grameen bank, IBPS PO, SBI ASSOCIATE PO and IBPS SO-IV (IT Officer) and you know what, I have qualified Grameen bank, IBPS PO-IV and IBPS SO-IV (IT Officer). My PO-IV interview went really well in Raipur. Then prepared for SO-IV interview and went to Bhopal (MP).

They asked me questions like :-

  • Introduce yourself/my experience
  • Father's name and profession
  • Effect of repo and reverse repo in market
  • What is electronics and Telecommunication
  • Name telecommunication device
  • What is data independence
  • What is data mining
  • Software name of data mining
  • Roll back command
  • IMF Head quarter
  • UN secretary general
  • Difference between router and switch/working
  • Difference between MAC and IP address
  • What is thrashing?
And in final results I got a placement in Central bank of India as a PO and in PNB as an IT Officer.

One more thing I would like to add in this post is God never does anything wrong that can hurt anyone in this world. He has a perfect plan for every one of
us. Of course we get afraid of anything that goes wrong in our life but just remember that is the turning point or from that time your life is gonna be
awesome, believe me or not but overall to realize this life god did it to me. I thank God, my family members, relatives, friends and everyone that
remembered me in their prayer for my new life.

Finally a new start and a new way to look at my life. A lot of things are here to explain but you might get bored of all this. At last I would like to say that "I would have never known how strong I was until being strong was the only choice I had".

Can I help you?

ramandeep singh

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