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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 44

Published on Wednesday, June 03, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Unflappable
a) cool under pressure
b) motionless
c) common
d) untalkative

2. Pundit
a) short saying
b) expert
c) outspoken person
d) clever remark

3. Eminenta) about to happen
b) ominous
c) highly respected
d) inherent

4. Involved
a) highly important
b) complicated
c) widespread
d) arrogant

5. Eclectic
a) having a variety
b) odd
c) full of doubt
d) highly excitable

6. Boon
a) loud sound
b) relevation
c) helpful thing
d) burden

7. Inflammatory
a) suppressing fire
b) controversial
c) dangerous
d) giving of warmth

8. Imperious
a) abnormal
b) perceptive
c) wide ranging
d) domineering

9. Irasible
a) cautious
b) easily angered
c) upbeat
d) vulnerable

10. Firebrand
a) popular slogan
b) well known person
c) troublemaker
d) one who argues

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