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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 47

Published on Monday, June 08, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Mellifluous
a) dangerous
b) flowing slowly
c) sweet sounding
d) diverse

2. Exalt
a) remove forcefully
b) praise highly

c) scold
d) express joy

3. Disseminate
a) spread
b) deny
c) disagree
d) research

4. Percipient
a) perceptive
b) persistent
c) fault finding
d) deceitful

5. Gaffe
a) social blunder
b) false report
c) loud laugh
d) discovery

6. Proscribe
a) write frequently
b) support keenly
c) ban
d) preach

7. Subterfuge
a) impulsiveness
b) seriousness
c) proper etiquette
d) deceit

8. Provident
a) truthful
b) putting on airs
c) helpful
d) planning ahead

9. Baleful
a) plentiful
b) jealous
c) impoverished
d) threatening

10. Assuage
a) make less severe
b) reassure
c) deceive
d) flatter

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