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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 56

English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Humdrum
a) lacking excitement
b) careful
c) puzzling
d) unintelligent

2. Vie
a) be equal to
b) compete for
c) imitate
d) describe

3. Disabuse
a) eliminate
b) pamper
c) lead one from error
d) hurt unnecessarily

4. Self-effacing
a) boastful
b) suicidal
c) modest
d) witty

5. Vituperate
a) alert
b) expose to danger
c) scold harshly
d) weaken

6. Ineffable
a) vague
b) unquestionable
c) unjust
d) can’t be put in words

7. Anodyne
a) that which soothes
b) false report
c) bitter remark
d) precious stone

8. Lascivious
a) brutal
b) unloyal
c) spreading rumors
d) perverted

9. Immutable
a) vague
b) outspoken
c) not changeable
d) stationary

10. Imbroglio
a) false report
b) trusted assistant
c) cowardly action
d) confusing situation

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