English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 55

Published on Wednesday, June 17, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today :-

1. Elucidate
a) make happier
b) mislead
c) make clearer
d) destroy

2. Foolhardy
a) vigorous
b) concealed
c) rash
d) idiotic

3. Urbane
a) cheeky
b) sophisticated
c) noisy
d) conceited

4. Rescind
a) weaken
b) cancel officially
c) repeat
d) scold

5. Asperity
a) eagerness
b) boldness
c) similarity
d) harshness of manner

6. Enormity
a) great wickedness
b) erratic movement
c) great wealth
d) typical behavior

7. Consummate
a) two faced
b) meager, small
c) masterful
d) marriageable

8. Approbatory
a) showing approval
b) cautious
c) accusatory
d) based on chance

9. Vehement
a) intensely emotional
b) personable
c) cautious
d) saddened

10. Confound
a) make less vague
b) utterly confuse
c) become tired
d) discover

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