English Language Quiz - Part 77

Published on Tuesday, July 28, 2015
English Language Quiz for today :-

1. Beatific
a) nomadic
b) terrific
c) vast
d) blissfully happy

2. Redoubtable
a) undeniable
b) inspiring fear
c) irrelevant
d) invalid

3. Soporific
a) causing sleep
b) sentimental
c) powerless
d) immature

4. Munificent
a) splendid
b) related to city
c) very generous
d) warlike

5. Banal
a) innovative
b) ridiculing
c) irrelevant
d) overfamiliar

6. Tendentious
a) flexible
b) biased to view
c) gentle
d) cautious

7. Smattering
a) special knowledge
b) small amount
c) trivial event
d) eruption

8. Invidious
a) wide-ranging
b) violent
c) causing resentment
d) evil

9. Renege
a) cheat
b) go back on
c) rebel
d) comply

10. Truculent
a) fierce, savage
b) peaceful
c) honest
d) accommodating

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