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Statement and Course of Action - Verbal Reasoning

Published on Monday, July 27, 2015
course of action reasoning


Statement  Now a days farmers are adopting Indian Language Art and literature.
Course of Action :
  1. Govt. should assist farmers to learn Indian language.
  2. Public should also come forward to spread their culture, language and art.


course of action in sentence

Statement : Most of the products of company have been returned by their wholesellers as the piece are defective.
Course of Action :
  1. The company should not take these pieces back as it was the responsibility of wholeseller to check and then take a piece
  2. The company should try to find what was wrong with its products.
  3. The company should replace these defective piece with fresh properly checked piece.
Sol :


course of action in sentence

Statement : It is a possibility that there is poison in the food of delegates who came to the organisation.
Course of Action :
  1. Medicines for food poising should be given to them.
  2. The delegates should rush to the hospital.
  3. The doctor should be called immediately to the organisation.
Sol :


statement and course of action

Statement A big part of country lives in the ranges of volcano.
Course of Action :
  1. The govt. should ban entry of civilians in that part of country.
  2. The govt. should shift the people to other safe places.


Statement Difficulty of Mahindra increased as more other employees went on strike.
Course of Action :
  1. Mahindra should persuade employees to not to go on strike 
  2. The organisation should not worry about such small things.
  3. Mahindra should suspend employees, who are joining the strike.


Statement : Although, the Indian economy is still heavily dependent on agriculture . It's share in global agriculture trade is less than the share of agriculture exports to total exports.
Course of Action :
  1. Efforts should be made to increase agriculture production.
  2. The export of known agricultural commodities should be reduced.
Sol :
Note : Whenever there is a comparison that statement will always be contradictory.


course of action synonym

Statement : The police has failed to protect the elderly citizen of the society only last week. Three old person were killed at three different places 
Course of Action :
  1. The police should be asked to take special care of woman and children.
  2. The govt. should bring a legislation against people engaged in the killing of elderly people.
  3. Criminals who are accused of killing elderly people should be prosecuted by the state.


example of verbal reasoning test

Statement : The officer in charge of a company had a doubt that some money was missing from the safe
Course of Action :
  1. He should get is recounted with the help of the staff and check it with the balance sheet.
  2. He should have informed the police.

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