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English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 76

Published on Thursday, July 23, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 76

1. Turgid
a) nonsensical
b) pompous, tedious
c) murky
d) natural

2. Aberration
a) false story
b) deviation
c) admiration
d) secret

3. Embroiled
a) bitter
b) in an argument
c) swindled
d) enraged

4. Dissemble
a) act deceitfully
b) disband
c) manipulate
d) take apart

5. Provincial
a) unsophisticated
b) widespread
c) urbane
d) indirect

6. Finagle
a) finish
b) get through trickery
c) plot
d) flatter

7. Parvenu
a) explorer
b) talkative person
c) upstart
d) novice

8. Anathema
a) controversy
b) detested person
c) trivial point
d) religious belief

9. Churlish
a) lacking emotion
b) aggressive
c) effeminate
d) ill-mannered

10. Duress
a) stress
b) compulsory force
c) one’s attire
d) period of inactivity

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